Hella Australia were moving to an updated premise that needed a modern and refreshing office fitout that was in line with their global branding guidelines.

They required a partner that could provide them with a comprehensive furniture solution for all areas, from meeting rooms, breakout spaces, workstations, general offices, executive offices and storage areas. In addition to this, Hella needed an interior design service as they were seeking input for colour and furniture consultancy throughout. This was due to the facet that the furniture would need to be in line with the global branding guidelines and would need to fit in with Hella’s overall brand colour guide. They wanted good decision makers.

So, the design department at Bowen Interiors worked closely with the Hella project managers and user groups to develop furniture that adhered to their global design standards. This included personal storage that was provided to each workstation and office, to give each user adequate storage in the new office layout.

In terms of workstations, Hella Australia user groups required some to be height adjustable, with others being fixed height workstations – we were able to supply a range of options, all of a similar style. There was a small number of existing workstations that we had previously supplied that would be relocated, as part of the project coordination.

Being an organisation in the 21st century, it was important for each workstation to have all the benefits of the 21st century. Working with the user groups, a customised wiring solution was developed, providing each workstation with personal power and USB to the desktop, whilst still providing main power and data below the workstation. Hella said ‘no more’ to those outdated workstations!

The customised workstations meant that each user has a workstation that suited their needs, yet still fits in with the overall look and feel of the office, and the office is ‘on brand’.

Through Bowen Interiors interior design capabilities, detailed furniture boards were provided showing how each furniture item fitted in with the respective workspace, and how that colour palette worked in with the overall global guidelines.

The result of the project is a bright modern office design, featuring a high-quality office fitout that fully conforms to the global design standards of a global company. Brightly coloured breakout furniture provides for staff to get away from the zone of working for their breaktimes, and to relax in a quality environment. The selective use of different colours throughout the building provides for a pleasing breakup of the colour palette, so that there is a moderate blend of colour running throughout the office environment.

The modernisation and refreshing colour scheme have done a world of good for Hella Australia!


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