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How we work with builders to save them up to 20% in procurement costs

Our unique sourcing concept can save you up to 20% in procurement costs on your administration on site.

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If you’re a builder looking for someone who can provide a complete and complex furniture package, you’ve found your solution.

Having a single source of supply can save you up to 20% in procurement costs on your administration on site.

Bowen Commercial Furniture works with builders to supply products based on specifications and needs, delivering on time and budget. Our unique sourcing concept streamlines your process and reduces contractual time for you and your staff.

No matter how far you are into your project timeline, our team can get involved at any stage of the project management phase, providing you with the best recommendations based on careful and detailed consultation.

Working through all elements of any package, and sourcing from all over the globe, we can provide a full and detailed solution for every furniture requirement in any facility, customizing to specific finishes throughout. We have a unique ability with our supply chain network to customise products to suit your designer’s “look and feel”, enabling you to meet your project brief without the headaches.

Whether you need small or large quantities, and whether they are to single or multiple sites, we can help.

Our team has the knowledge and sourcing ability to provide furniture where previous sources had become unavailable.

We understand how important timeframes are and that’s why we aim to provide a staged delivery approach, ensuring a streamlined project with minimal disruption.

Our goal is to give builders a package that solves all of their problems.

We love partnering with construction companies and builders on complete and complex furniture packages, so call us today!

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Our team of experienced consultants can assist with customisation and sourcing alternative options outside of our standard range.